Dimensions of Terror


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Debut album from MANGLER. Eight tracks of no nonsense thrash/death shot straight into your ears with every intention to mangle your brain.


released July 7, 2017

Mixed & Mastered by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Recordings.
Drums recorded by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Recordings.
Guitars, Bass and Vocals recorded by Jonathan Lozo.
Cover Artwork by Ganda Wiraga.
Logo by Ricky (Dealer) and Cogee (Thrashards).

Mangler are:
Jonathan Lozo - Vocals/Guitar
Tyson Seery - Drums
Dan Hurtubise - Bass



all rights reserved


MANGLER Ottawa, Ontario

Debut album "Dimensions of Terror" out now!

Available digitally and on pro tape cassette!

Get Mangled with Mangler!

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Track Name: Switchblade Homicide
Treat me with Disgust / Broken All My Trust / Guess I've Had Enough

Nowhere for you to Run / Soon You're Gonna Learn / My Blade Slowly Turns

Knife Clenched in My Fist / You Don't Want Me Pissed / Fact You Clearly Missed

Where to Place the Blame / To-tally Insane / There Will Be No Restrain

You're Life Won't Be Spared / Can't Wake This Nightmare / Into My Eyes You Stare

Blood Starts Trickling Out / Horrified You Scream and Shout / Going To Die No Doubt

Your Throat Completely Slit / Blood Flows As You Spit / Remorse I Haven't One Bit

Rage is What I Feel / What Has Happened Here? / I No Longer Fear

Look Into My Soul / I've Lost All Control / Sanity Has Been Let Go

Bloodlust No Regards / Mentally I'm Scarred / Voiceless to be Heard

Cannot Stop the Spread / Lust for More Bloodshed / All I See Is Red

I'll Do It All Again / Bathe Me In The Sin / Hatred Is What I Give

Creeping / Coming / For You!
Scared / Running / I'll Find You!
Screaming / Close / I Have You!
...Switchblade Homicide
Track Name: Satan's Regulator
Overseer of these Lands / Obey the Rule That He Commands
Patrolling Borders of His Reign / Enforcing Law By Death & Pain

Assassinate The Opposition / How They Die Is His Decision
Shackled Down, Suffering Enslaved / Corpses Piled In Mass Graves

Maintaining Order at All Cost / Possessed By The Inverted Cross
Sleepless Wretch, Pale His Flesh / Red Eyes In Moonlight Gleamin'

Conjurer of Fright and Despair / Taking Lives With Blood Stained Glare
Focused On His Evil Plot / Slaughter Mankind and Watch it Rot!

Crushing Those Considered Foes / Came to Kill, Blood Will Spill
Destruction of Sadistic Nature / Can't Escape Satan's Regulator!

His Every Word -- They Must Heed
Swingin' His Sword -- On A Big Black Steed

A Vile Creature -- There's No Debatin'
Secure the Command -- For Lord Satan!
Track Name: Heavy Metal Wolves
Loud Howling Sounds / Ripping Up The Ground
Such Dreadful Shouts / Metal Land Sharks

Wolves Craving Blood / Meaner then C.H.U.D.
Coats Made of Steel / You Don't Want to Feel

Laser Beam Eyes / Melt Through Your Denim
Razor Sharp Claws / Rippin' Up Your Leather

We Don't Fuckin' Care / The Length of Your Hair
Chew Off Your Face / We Consume and Devour

Rip Up Your Town / Filthy Metal Sound
Command the Iron Fist / Wolves Are Fuckin' Pissed

Hot On Your Trail / Hunting You Down
For The Reason Of / ...Heavy Metal Treason!


Heavy Metal Wolves! We're Here To Stay!
Heavy Metal Wolves! We Came To Play!
Track Name: Dimensions of Terror
Stare Into The Eye of Death
Dimension of Terror You See
Impossible Brutalities
Pulled Forth To The Unknown

Blinded By Your Worst Fear
Waged War for All These Years
It Has Brought You Here
End of Time You Know

Thrown into the Beyond
Witness Future of Mankind
Bodies Shackled and Chained
Under The Whips of Change

Centuries of Pain Arrive
Inflicted Upon Your Mind
Burning Into Your Eyes
Horrors You Should Not See

Atrocity Has Been Unleashed
Stamping Out All Life
Forces of Pure Evil
Seeping Into Your Pores

Conjure the Chaos Storms
Let Loose On Society
Bring Forth A Total Death
Crushing all Humanity

CH: Dimensions of Terror! x2
Track Name: Thine Axe Cleaves
Thine Axe Falls, From Up In The Sky
A Force So Heavy, Flash Blinds The Eye
Crackin The Earth, The Power It Flows
Rendering All Life, Null and Void

Forged In Fire, Hammered in Hell
Created to Kill, Blood It Must Spill
Heavy and Sharp, Gleaming With Hate
Take One Look, You'll Tremble and Shake

Fueled By My Rage, This Weapon That I Wield
Cowards Are Running, As I Start to Swing
Knowing Full Well, It's Death That I Deal
Raising My Axe, I Hear Them Squeal

Down Comes The Axe, Splitting Your Skull
Time To Pay The Tax, Your Life The Toll
Power and Glory, I Can Feel The Boast
Cleave Your Head, Like A Fence Post

It Sings Your Name, A Melody of Mayhem
Death Looks On, Your Life Is Gone
Moral of The Story, If You Need One
When You See My Axe, You Better Run!

The Shield Breaker! - A Helm Cleaver!
The Bone Cutter! - Deaths Edge!
Track Name: Hells Horsemen
Galloping Thunder
Echos of Fear
Drawing Ever Near
On The Battle Ground
Riding You Down!

Blood Will Flow
Upon These Fields
Dealing Death Blows
Pound The War Drums
Blasphemy Has Come!

Fearless Warriors
Masters of War
Army of Devils
Bring Forth The Doomsday
Mortal Flesh Boils!

Craving For Battle
Thirst For Blood
Sabres Held High
Hear Their War Cry
It's Time to Die!

Sworn to Serve
In Satan's Attack
Crown the Pale Mare
Fire In Their Eyes
For Eternity Ride!

Ritual Sacrifice
Esoteric Rites
Behold Their Might
Unleashed Into The Night
Such Ghastly Frights!

Apocalypse Has Begun
Winds of Famine Come
Civilizations Crumble
Trumpets Sound the Call
Ushering The Fall!

Hellfire Burning Black
Heaven Admits Defeat
Enslave The Human Race
Conquest Over the Earth
Evil Reigns Supreme!

Hell's Horsemen / They Ride!
Hell's Horsemen / Nowhere To Hide!
Track Name: Satanic Panic!
Down In The Basement
Nerds Rollin' Dice
Up To No Good
Murderin' Your Wife!

Out In The Woods
Skinnin' Local Cats
Blood For The Goat
Sacrifice You Next!

Pray to The Pentagram
New Found Savior
Devil Demands Blood
And Your His Vessel!

Housewives In Bondage
Suburban Witches
Sex On The Altar
Neighborhood Black Masses!

Society Has Decayed
Drugs Are To Blame
Rockers Are The Devil
Everyone's Gone Insane!

Geraldos Runnin' Scared
To His Network Chair
Cults Summoning Satan
Playin' Dungeons and Dragons!

Violence and Sex
Warped Their Minds
Possessed by Evil
Their Souls Are Blind!

Mommy's Little Monsters
Crave Horror and Gore
Hunger In The Eyes
They Always Want More!

Doom Sweeps the Nation
We're Drowning In Sin
Jesus Can't Save Us
The Devil Will Win!

Satanic Panic!
Satanic Panic!
Satanic Panic!
Across The Nation!
Track Name: L.G.W.K.
Bleeding and Forgotten, Foes Left Behind.
A Thousand Battles, Wars You Have Waged.
Iron and Fire, The Death of Desire.

Might of the Sword, Evil of the Hand.
Born for The Glory, Yearn for The Power.
Instrument of Death, Cut Life Thread.

Yours Is A Name They All Fear.
Heart of Stone, and An Iron Fist.
Born In Battle, You Bow To No One.

Defend the Lands, Protect Your Kin.
New Evil Rises, It Must Be Crushed.
Now is The Time, Bring War On Them.

Cast Down Upon Unfamiliar Shores.
The Devil's Tail, A Den of Whores.
Barbarian Hordes They Must Be Slain.

Rending Enemies, You Kill to Defend.
Cleanse Their Souls, Purge Their Curse.
Cannot Give These Bastards The Win.

Seeking He That Has Cursed These Lands.
Sorcerers Bliss, The Blade His Last Kiss.
Turn The Tides, Blood on Your Hands.

Swords Will Clash and Men Will Fall.
Battlefield Takes Their Mortal Coils.
When It's All Done We'll Feast the Spoils.

Riding The Waves of Battle to the Storm.
The Hand is One With Axe and Sword.
Fell Their Lord, The Spell No Longer Holds.

The Skies Open Up, Lightning Rains Down.
He Who Still Stands, Shall Rule These Lands.
Crowned and Conquered, Upon The Throne.

Bleeding and Forgotten, Foes Left Behind.
A Thousand Battles, Wars You Have Waged.
Iron and Fire, The Death of Desire.

Yours Is A Name They All Fear.
Heart of Stone, and An Iron Fist.
Born In Battle, You Are The Chosen.

One Last Great Warrior King! x2